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Working with Socket's developers, Clearpage created a website that provides information about Socket's current and future fiber services. This provides potential customers an easy to use address check for existing fiber services, or to express interest in selected neighborhoods that Socket is considering for deploying fiber.

  1. HTML, CSS and programing to implement project
  2. Neighborhood maps using ArcGIS Server API
  3. Creation of City and Neighborhood database driven pages

PHP mySQL Database ArcGIS HTML CSS Restful

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography for each service area creates a sense of familiarity and confidence that Socket is a local business on the ground deploying fiber here in Missouri.

Neighborhood Maps

Address lookups allow pinpoint identification of service availability, that generates a map of the customers neighborhood with availability marked on the map.

Service Sign Up

If services are available, a package can be selected then purchased online. Where service aren't available the lead still provides statistics of interest for future deployments.