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Spirit of '76 | Spark WMS


Spirit of '76 | Spark WMS

Warehouse Management System

Spark coordinates and automates a smooth flow of information between various departments in the organization. As a company wide application built specifically for Spirit of 76, Spark WMS extends this functionality into the warehouse and automates inventory storage locations, picks orders, and replenishes pick lines. Spark's analytics, capacity, and metrics create actionable insights that grow the business.

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Pallet Location Map

An interactive touch visualization of warehouse racking system, providing information for the products stored in each location.

Inventory By Location

A inventory grid that allows quick editing for any location from the convenience of a single screen; from anywhere in the warehouse.

Location Scan

Barcode scannable locations provide a popup with information about the location, with fluid navigation through the warehouse.


Handheld, Tablet, & Desktop

Spark WMS makes information available anywhere in the warehouse; from wrist worn devices, tablets mounted to forklifts, and on the desktops in the office. Eliminating the need for printed Put Away and Pull Sheets, and saving time otherwise spent looking for products that have been moved since paper versions were printed.

Directed put away intelligently calculates optimal bins for put away based on velocity, primary pick locations, and overflow locations. Handheld functions let warehouse staff work from an electronic queue of reslotting tasks.



Spark provides powerful analysis and reporting tools, so employees can monitor performance, analyze trends, and spot potential problems before they occur. With better access to information warehouse managers can make informed, confident decisions that help drive business success.

Pallet and Location Labels

Spark generates storage labels for pallets and labels for physical warehouse locations; with inventory levels and locations updated through simple barcode scans.

Generation of Shipping Documents

Spark automates shipping paperwork, including bills of lading with Fedex and UPS Freight, Hazmat Decelerations, and Pickup Documentation

Automated Shipping Labels

Shipment labels for parcel and freight shipments are effortlessly generated for orders, then printed to the nearest warehouse printer station at the touch of a button.

Spark WMS Capabilities

Inventory Features

  • Stock adjustments
  • Audit Log of Inventory Changes
  • Inventory Reporting and Sales History
  • Low stock reports
  • Management of Product Data


  • Creates Container Put Away Sheets
  • Directed put away and storage allocation
  • Manages case palletization information
  • Automated inventory updates from containers


  • Automated slotting through machine learning
  • Locate products and assigned locations
  • Reserve and assign products to locations


  • Barcoded Locations and Pallets
  • Generation of Pull Sheets
  • Provides product pick locations

Supply Chain

  • Manages Purchase Orders
  • Tracks shipments from suppliers
  • Reporting for inventory on order

Shipping Features

  • Bill of Lading Generation
  • LTL Freight Quotes
  • Dangerous Good Declaration
  • Parcel Shipping Rates
  • Packing Slip Generation
  • Creation of Shipping for Pallets
  • Parcel Shipping Labels
  • Pick Up & Delivery Documents
  • Assist with delivery planning and fuel cost
  • Tracking of shipment details


  • Cases Shipped Report
  • SKU Velocity Report
  • Pallets Needed Report
  • Warehouse Capacity Report
  • Inventory Value Report
  • Landed Cost tracking
  • Historical Daily Inventory Levels by SKU
  • Shipping and Receiving Calendar

Website and Customer Interaction

  • E-mail notification of shipment to customer
  • Inventory availability synced to online store
  • Order status updates to storefront
  • Realtime order tracking information